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Welcome to the Learning Maze of Mycreativeflavors !

This blog is about learning the art of cooking simple comfort food for relaxed brunches and supper with family n friends. Hope these healthy and nutritious recipes add flavor to your platter for all seasons and reasons !!!! 

There are many moments in life when you are eager to learn and explore new things, but are running short of ideas and technical know how to carry out the new project. Life looks like a maze. Mcf provides a platform to 'Share Ideas plus knowledge, and make kitchen island their new Learning Pad'. 

We would like to hear from the experts and eager learners. Do share your secret tips and tricks of making an excellent dish or get ideas about how to fix a cake which has turned into a shortbread :) 

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog ! I appreciate your time and feedback. Stay Blessed with happiness and Health !!!

I would like to hear from you !

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