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A little introduction about myself and my passion for Food, travelling, writing and blogging... ! My name is Sonia and I grew up in City Beautiful- Chandigarh in India. While pursuing my high school to Masters and Doctorate, I do have reminisces of good old days. I had a blissful childhood spending my leisurely evenings in watering plants and pots in the kitchen garden to picking fresh grapes from the wines in the backyard to going for boating at  Sukhna lake et al. Times flies for sure and now the holidays are spent in making wonder finger food to simple suppers for my family, making sandcastles on the beach and going for hayrides n strawberry picking with my lil' Angry Bird.

Life was so good so far till we relocated to New Jersey with my family. The initial couple of days were spent in exploring the action packed city of New York. A stroll on the calm and serene Hudson river in the evening, chasing  my lil' one on the pier park and enjoying the splendid view of Manhattan, the life seemed pretty full...Then one day, my husband suggested me to let's start blogging to keep the two curious minds occupied. We got interested in photography and within couple of days got our first SLR camera. The quest to learn more and more made me glued to my macbook. The learning had its ripple effect, one tip n trick of the trade leading to another and so on and so forth. And one fine day, there was a merger of our three core competencies - one, passion for eating and making fusion food, two, photography and three, writing skills. And pretty soon I saw myself log in and signing out to doodle at my blog and later website My Creative Flavors

This is the genesis of My creative Flavors - For Simple Vegetarian Dishes for all Seasons and Reasons !

My mom told me that as a child I relished eating more and was seldom seen in the kitchen... I had always enjoyed good food but learnt cooking only after getting married and precisely after having my 'little monster' as I went on a sabbatical from my active teaching career. I have been trotting around the globe with my family from last couple of years. My journeys to interesting places around the world from South east Asia to China, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom and States gave me an opportunity to explore the world of food between different continents. Settling down and making a niche for yourself in home (in United States) away from home (in India) was a rigorous exercise in itself. The life looked like a jigsaw puzzle...The sheer craving to have home made dinner, drinks and desserts gave me an opportunity to make my kitchen as a 'Learning Pad', where three of us experimented with IDEAS... ! 
Sometimes making curries far beyond our expectations and at times the cakes were turning into cookies... !!! 

There were times when I did thought that I should Put my cravings and desires to mute. But then mustering the guts ventured out in the kitchen to create my own make believe dishes. I believe in cooking by instincts and not rules. I like to Create and Cook what I crave for. A good toss and you are ready to go... !I let myself go free in my kitchen by cooking with given limited ingredients at a time; and try to add new colors and flavors to old conventional dishes. It was surprising to see that the new fusion food took less time to cook and look more exciting. And I knew it's time for Dinner makeovers by stirring and shaking fun ingredients and shared with dollops of love !!! It is fun to embrace diversity and create a fusion of Indian flavors with my favorite foods around the globe.Today I have developed my taste buds for all kinds of vegetarian cuisines and come a long way from relishing "Lassi to Lasagna". 

In this new endeavor, my dad Dr. K.K. Mangla a connoisseur of food and an avid reader on 'food and health' became my mentor. He shared with me the secrets of our authentic countryside cooking. The therapeutic power of herbs and spices used in the traditional Indian cooking from ages. Besides knowledge sharing, I shall always be thank ful for all his encouragement and comforting words in need and deed...!

Then, my uber talented husband, Ashish encouraged me to create a blog and pen down the recipes in the format of "My Creative Flavors". We sit together and brainstorm a lot before bringing out the dish. After meticulous planning, give a shot to these authentic recipes and pamper our family and friends with quick and easy dishes. Hence forth, I started making dishes and he gave life and soul to them with his fantabulous photography. He is also managing the technical details of this site.  

My curious George is always eager to give me his help with all his passion and scores fairly well on Marshmallow test as the dish cools down and stages itself on the table for the picture shots before he could taste it. He has been very supportive to me in all my endeavors and often role plays the master chef in his make believe restaurant made with Legos called 'Little Channas' ...! 

I have learned some of the the authentic techniques from my highly energetic and talented mom and mom-in-law at back home !!! So all in all I did got a chance to learn from the masters though in an informal setting at home. Thanks a ton for all the love and support!!!!

A Toast to my Loving Mom-Dad, husband, Ashish & our son, Tanish for their Unconditional Love and Blessings !!!!

Best Regards from Team of My Creative Flavors - 
Editor in chief: Dr. K.K. Mangla; 
Photo Credits: Ashish Gupta;
Food Appraisal by: Tanish Gupta
Author : Dr. Sonia Mangla
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