Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Date & Walnut Birthday Cake!!!

Parenting is indeed a learning journey!

Each day is a new day, learning and exploring the wonders of our little bundle of joy!

This anecdote reminded me of John Lock's Theory of  “Tabula Rasa”. 

When a child is born, the mind is described as a 'blank slate' in Latin. An individual grows up as a product of an interaction between his environment and heredity. 

A dose of positive reinforcement and modeling helps to develop self-esteem and identity in the child.

 The energies can be channelized to harvest the best potential which will enable a child to carve a niche on the world map. 

I really wonder if my little one might be inspired to become somebody like Wright Brothers, Einstein or Da Vinci, one day! 

Date & Walnut Cake for the D Day! 

 Sumptuous Cake for my Morning Glory!

Moist & Melt in Mouth Cake! 

Roses from my Garden!!!

Take care and stay safe!


  1. So true ..... But if we rise them to be good persons once they grow, we are sure to be happy parents since we did a good job, right ? :-)
    I wish you enjoy your ride:-)

  2. Being a parent is a tough yet sweet job, I think.
    The cake looks so beautiful and perfect for any celebration.

  3. That cake looks fabulous and loved those parenting quotes.

  4. Being a parent id the hardest job in the world. Thank God there's cake.

  5. It is such a joy and a challenge to be a parent. Please continue to post and keep us posted. Love all your quotes.Your cake is exquisite.

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