Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Rose Ice Cream for Wedding Anniversary!

A Wedding Anniversary is a day to celebrate the sweet memories and bond of unconditional love. Wish life could go in Slow-Mo on this special day of all !

As I pause today to refresh the memories and  have reminisces of the  beautiful and blissful times. 

I also reflect on the art of living I learnt all the way from the lessons of life, while nurturing my family. It is the need to lean on each other's strength and make an action plan to swap the Achilles heel/weaknesses into surprising skills!!! 

This day, is a time to refresh and share the memories down the lane...!

 We had traditional Indian Hindu wedding with "Saptapadi" which signifies the auspicious "Seven Steps". The majestic Seven Vows of Marriage are to nourish each other, to remain friends forever, to be together forever, to care for our children, to share joys and sorrows, to preserve our wealth and most importantly to grow together in strengths and forgive and forego each other's weaknesses!
The time flew and years after years rolled up in a breeze...!!!! 

The reminisces of all these moments make me realize that I ought to make the best of the present time and cherish the priceless memories!!!

This year, on our anniversary I decided to make Rose flavored Ice cream in the Rose Moulds, to keep it festive and flavorful!!!

Rose Ice cream with Fresh Roses & Silver Pearls!!

Delicate Rose flavored Ice cream - Super Creamy & Sumptuous!!!

Rose Ice cream - Flavorful and Festive!!!

Rose Ice-cream with fresh Rose, Silver Pearls and Rose Moulds!!!

The ice-cream was made with milk, heavy cream, fresh roses - gulkand, in rose moulds and finally garnished with silver pearls and rose petals. 

The ice-cream turned out to be super creamy and delicious, with a delicate flavor of rose and a very subtle pink shade in ombre effect. We thoroughly enjoyed it!!! 

The only tricky part was demoulding the ice-cream and refraining from having a bite before the shoot:)) But now we have mastered that art too by making a separate serving and relishing:))) and other tricky part is to run an extra mile other day!

 I also tried making keto pumpkin ice-cream and shall be sharing the post shortly!

Hope you all will enjoy Rose Ice cream! Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by my space.

Cheers, MCF!!!

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