Friday, January 1, 2021

Almond & Sesame Energy Balls or Till Bhugga Pinni with New Year Greetings!

Happy New Year 2021 !!! Let's swing in the New Year, a New Decade with new dreams and aspirations!!! 

The past year was indeed eventful and taught many precious lessons to the entire mankind from the university of life! I spent days together to Reflect, Learn, Unlearn and Relearn about the essence of life and yet pondering on myriad things after witnessing the historic moments of the Year 2020. 

I hope the new year turns out to be bright and beautiful, ushering new opportunities of growth, new beginnings to dig into our vast reservoir of skills and competencies and begin our journey of riveting our best-selves!

While reminiscing on the past couple of years, this year too, I made many new resolutions to make proactive efforts to make this year memorable in the books by working on my holistic wellbeing with immense gratitude to the Almighty. In my continuous quest to excel in my personal and professional life, I will continue my zest for learning and sharing my experiences with all of you!!!

This winter break was relaxing and rejuvenating and spent quality time with family, enjoying love and warmth of loved ones and relishing comfort food at home sweet home retreat! 

I made these super easy and delicious energy balls with almonds and sesame seeds, also well known as till bhugga pinni. The balls are soft and have amazing flavor. These laddoos are super tasty, healthy, refined sugar-free, and can be made in a jiffy and kindle sweet memories on the special occasions! These are the perfect sweet treats with optimal levels of sweetness and can be enjoyed in fasting or a quick rejuvenating bite on the go...!!!!!
Almond & Sesame Energy Balls or Till Bhugga Pinni - Rejuvenating Treat!!!

Scrumptious Almond and Sesame balls for Mindful Eating !!!
A Perfect sweet with snowflakes on a snowy day!!!
Happy New Year from My Family to Yours!!!

Sweet Treat Made at Home Sweet Home Retreat!!!

These energy balls are made with almond flour, sesame seeds, fox nuts. Added  jaggery for sweetness and cardamoms for flavor. Garnished with snowflakes. Quick and easy recipe to enjoy with hot chocolate on a cold wintery night.  

Enjoy the winters with these delightful sweets with your family. 

Stay warm, stay safe! 


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