Monday, June 22, 2020

Almond & Bottle Gourd Ice Cream for Fathers Day & Master Art of Living!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads!!!!

The mind boggles down a wish to Pause, Reboot, and Cherish Life...!!!

There are many moments in my life where I continue to Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn the lessons of life with new meanings and new beginnings! 

Reflecting on the most valuable lesson of life I got from my parents - 

Learn to  Master Art of living while making a Living...!!!

Learn & Relearn " There is a Season and Reason for Everything in life"...!!! 

Learn to live life gracefully by giving our best shot in the quest of excellence...!!!

My favorite time of the day was when I used to snuggle my mom and my Dad used to read me a fable or two from the storybooks at bedtime. It became a nighttime ritual. The time flew by and now I  continue the tradition with my son!

 Finally, when I grew up I understood the essence of all the fables on how to capture the rhythm in life; to surf in the sea, or sail in the sky, and most importantly how to turn your Achilles Heel into core competencies in life...! 

The answer is not so simple and easy. Yet with some patience and practice, we can master the soft skill vis a vis hard skills to excel in the respective endeavors and reach the pinnacle of success in all walks of life...!!! 

For Fathers day Special, I made the signature recipe of my mom with a twist, cherished, and relished by all family and friends ever since... 

Almond & Bottle gourd Icecream with Rainbow Sprinkles in a Waffle bowl - 

No cook, No-Churn, Homemade Icecream Recipe !!!

Almond & Bottle Gourd Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles in a Waffle Bowl !!!

Easiest and the Best version of homemade ice cream, free of preservatives tweaked and customized to your own tastebuds is the quintessential summer treat!

This version of Icecream is no-cook, no-churn, and can be ready in a couple of minutes is a must-try recipe.

Bookmark and master the base recipe and can be made with myriad flavors and toppings of your choice, which I will be sharing shortly! 

The key ingredients of the recipe are heavy cream, almond meal, bottle gourd & sweetener.  

The ice cream is so smooth, creamy, and luscious!!! 

Almond & Bottle Gourd Ice Cream with Peonies from the Yard!

I am happy to carry on the tradition of making sweets and treats for the family at home...!!!

Nothing like having a bowl of homemade ice cream after dinner on the deck with a cool breeze, watching the rabbits hopping around in the backdrop of lush green trees!

Almond & Bottle Gourd Ice Cream with Crispy Coconut  Rolls!

How about enjoying the ice cream with coconut rolls or pirouettes...

Homemade Creamy Icecream with Almonds & Pistachios!

Summertime Sweet treat for all ages!!!

Can't wait to click the final shot and dive in right away! 

As we take this time to relax and unwind, may everyone enjoy the treats and little things in life. 

Have a great Summer!!!

Picture Credits - Ashish Gupta


  1. This looks terrific! Love the photos -- so nice. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much @ Kitchen Riffs! your recipes are so inspiring!

  2. Bottle gourd ice cream?? wow...I would have never thought of using it to make ice cream. So creative and it surely looks very good.

    1. Thanks @Angie's Recipes! Bottle gourd makes it very healthy and delicious creamy ice-cream. Do give it a shot!

  3. You had a wonderful childhood :-)

    1. Yes, I did had a great memories of growing up! Thanks @ Iris Flavia!

  4. Sonia, this almond ice cream looks delicious. Your photos really show how tasty it is, and of course, I loved the red rose. I have never seen cone cups before with sprinkles. Your words are special, and I especially liked what you said about "learn to live life gracefully." If only we could that, Sonia, the world would be a better place. : )


  5. Your ice cream looks delicious! I love the sprinkles. I'm not sure I know what a bottle gourd is, or what it tastes like!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

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