Saturday, May 18, 2019

Birthday Greetings with Rosey Rice Pudding & Enchanting World of Swiss !

Bonjour from Switzerland - a Sweet spot of Europe or should I say the Prettiest spot in the world!

In the spring break, we went to visit my dream holiday destination since childhood. Plus to celebrate the birthday of our son while experiencing the sizzling beauty of Switzerland, a country nestled with gorgeous lakes and swiss alps is incredibly beautiful and indeed a paradise on earth!!!

Spring is a stunning time of the year to visit the enchanting world of Swiss when the roses, tulips, daffodils and the spring bloom is at its best! This is the time of the year when the city wakes up from the winter slumber and winter blues though the flurries and the snow have its own plenty of charm and beauty to relish!

Got to seize the moment and time, its very fresh cool breeze......! 

Lush alpine flora.....!!

Plush clouds.......!!!   

Skiing & Hiking trails or Paragliding in the pristine nature...!!!! 

Breathtaking lakes....!!!!!

Magnificent views from the snow-capped Swiss mountains are an absolute treasure to cherish...!!!!!!

      Zoom - Yes, both Eyes & Camera to seize the moment @ Mount Titlis !!!

    Spring, Sunshine and Swiss Alps - Dream come true...!

Romantic stroll @ Charming Lake Lucerne with Fabulous mountain Panorama !

The world-famous Swiss bakery, chocolates, ice creams are incredibly delectable...!

Since it was easter break, had these melt in mouth mini chocoladen gugelhopfli decorated with petite bunny's, white pearls and daisy's. 

   Mini Chocoladen Gugelhopefli - Enjoying the traditional Easter Bunny's! 

After a thrilling day of sightseeing, walking on the banks of River Limmat, riding a Bird, indulging in traditional sweets, it was time to unwind and take a lunch break at Hiltl, Sihlstrasse in Zurich. 

This restaurant holds the Guinness World Record of an oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world! Thoroughly impressed by the beautiful myriad spread of salads, sweets, and curries with innovative combos.
                           Delightful Lunch @ Hiltl, Zurich 
# The restaurant holds the Guinness World Record of an oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world!

Back to home sweet home....!

Mesmerized by the wonders of nature, taking a recap of the short and sweet visit, refreshing memories by surfing through the pictures time and again and of course, time to get back to work as well!

Bon Anniversaire to my Bud...!!!

Celebrating my Son's birthday with his all-time favorite traditional dessert - Rosey Rice Pudding - Kheer in a Crockpot...!  

Slowly cooked and caramelized kheer garnished with cardamoms, almonds and pistachio slivers. 

Can make a vegan version of the kheer by adding almond milk instead of whole milk. 
Birthday Greetings with Rosey Rice Pudding - Kheer # Made in Crockpot

 Kheer with a velvety texture and perfect sweetness...! 

Aromatic & Delectable kheer # Crockpot dessert 
# Blooms from my garden

Final Shot and Time to dig in!

Signing off for today and shall be back with more recipes and experiences from my learning pad!

Many Thanks for stopping by my space...!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rose Rava Kesari Halwa with Poppy Seeds for Naivedyam on Durga Asthami!

Rose Rava Kesari Halwa with Poppy Seeds for Naivedyam on Durga Asthami!
Celebrating life with sweets, sweet ones' and cherishing the sweet memories of being together with family and friends is indeed a privilege and a blessing !

Given an opportunity I would like to freeze the sweetest moments of life with the festive food, decor, fun of being together plus sweets and tons of sweets. There is something special about Indian sweets. There is a custom in India to  make sweets at home for festivals and special occassions, offer naivedyam to Gods and Goddesses, then share it with family and friends as a note of love and affection.

The very blessed Indian sweets rock around the world, because it is made from scratch with 'Loads of Passion' and shared with ' Loads of Love'. 

Navratri is a special time to offer prayers for spiritual enlightenment to Goddess Durga, epitome of strength, peace and purity.

All time favorite family dessert!
 Reminiscing of the good old times of myself being a kanjak....!!

Time literally flies.... ! 

Now carrying forward the tradition of giving prasad to cute little kanjak's overseas. 

Here is my tweaked version of the the classic dessert - 

Rose rava halwa garnished with saffron, poppy seeds and silver pearls. 

Navratri Pooja Prasad - Halwa, Puri, Channas!

 Perfect timing! 

Had full bloom of the spectacular cherry blossoms on the weekend... !

With the onset of spring and navratri I pray to the Almighty to shower precious blessings on all of us to soar in personal and professional life, optimally self actualize out potentialities and reach pinnacle of success!

Sunshine & Sweet Roses - Sumptuous !!!

Sharing Prasad!

Sharing the prasad of sweet roses, puris and channas with all my readers!

Wishing you all happy Asthami and Ram Navami and may your life be always Shimmering with hues of Peace, Happiness & Bliss !!!

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