Monday, April 22, 2013

Rendezvous with Mystic Self & Stroll through Blossoms @ Washington DC !!!!!!!!

With the onset of spring, as cherry blossoms bloom to their fullest, let the inner Self bloom to what it is meant to be and live happily ever after... ! It's a time for Rendezvous with the mystic Self for New Beginnings in life when we learn to surf in the sea with the waves and believe in the will of God to celebrate Life once again!!!!!!!!
On the podium of life, there are times to get perturbed when relations and things don't go as per the expectations and deeds. The unconditional love and bonds are swapped with ego and pride. It hurts for sure... ! The moments of sweet and sour memories flashes before misty eyes. Tears roll down the cheeks and make you numb... The clouds of love and hatred rush through the mind, and you do pause and wander what life is meant to be.....???

Perplexed by the array of complexities in life, you ponder if you could be ever happy again...???

It's a time for Rendezvous with the Mystic Self...!
It's a time to take a break and a time to Introspect ! 
A time to Believe in yourself and a time for Faith in some!

It's a time for Rendezvous with the Mystic Self...!

A time to Love the precious and a time to Bless few !
A time to Forgive  somethings and forget about others !
A time for Rendezvous with the mystic Self !!!!!!!!

A time to reveal Self and a time to be Happy again !
A time for the Self to bloom !
Yeah, It's a time for Rendezvous with the mystic Self !!!

A stroll through the serene beauty of around 3000 cherry blossom trees on the banks of Tidal Basin in Washington DC in the spring of 2013 gave me an opportunity to streak the darker side of life with hues of pinks and whites, thereby making a blooming self and family by dusk, as it was a time for Rendezvous with the Mystic Self...!

Here is a glimpse of circle of life, beauty and bliss... !

Beauty Blooms @ National Cherry Blossoms Festival, Washington DC, April 10, 2013

Bright Blossoms in Springtime @Washington D.C.

Captivating Glamor of 3000 Cherry Blossom Trees !!!

Rendezvous with Nature!

Warming up Mystic Self with Nature 

Fascinating Blossoms at banks of Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park, DC

At this moment , Thank God for all the bright sunny days we've ever seen, for all the rainy and snowy days we've ever enjoyed, for all twinkling stars at night, for all the beautiful mountains and lakes, for all the lovely weekends with family and friends, and all the dishes and desserts we relish every night...!

Thank you so much guys for being here  and your continued support, likes and comments !

Love One Another and Hug a tree on Earth Day !

Cheers, Mycreativeflavors

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