Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gorgeous Dhokla - Lentil Cake with Kiwis & a Strawberry Heart for Mothers Day.

'Beautiful Mother - always on the go, who looks after her family 24/7 Rain or Shine.'  

"Mother's Day is a time for warm thoughts and fond memories, for expressing the feelings and words that often go unspoken, for letting those special people in our lives know that they are loved and appreciated - always". 

Here is An Instant Cake to Make & Gorgeous to Present to a 

Lentil Cake with Kiwis & a Strawberry Heart made with loads of love especially for the 
The idol of love - A Mom.  

This is an ideal dessert for a mother who makes umpteen recipes to nurture her family with her deep reservoir of affection and love. Isn't it amazing to see how a mom juggles between different roles she plays? She swiftly goes from being an ideal mom to caring wife, from a perfect daughter to a loving sister, playing all these roles with ease. 

Today is a special day to honor every Mom for being there for all of us, Always !!!

Featured on FoodBuzz Top 9, 15th May 2012

Lentil Cake - Dhokla with Kiwi & Strawberry!

This recipe is inspired by a very famous snack food from a state of Gujarat 'Dhokla'. 

I added a hand full of more grain flours to the gram flour mix to make it more nutritive. 

Next, I Topped it with garden fresh fruits (kiwi & strawberries) instead of coconut shreds. 

Can also top it with any of your favorites - blueberries or raspberries, all taste amazing and is an ultimate combo. 

Gram flour: 1 cup
Oats: 1/2 cup
Semolina: 4 tsp
Rice Flour: 4 tsp
Lime Juice: 1/2 tsp
Lime zest: 1/4 tsp
Ginger Zest: 1/4 tsp
Sugar: 1/2 tsp
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Yogurt:  11/2 cup
Eno (fruit salt): 1 sachet/1 tsp

Seasoning & Topping:
Water:  1 cup
Kiwi glaze: Made by combining 4 tsp of sugar to 1sliced kiwi. 
(Cook for 8-10 minutes on a low heat and add 2 drops lime juice, let it cool down, filter & use) 
Kiwi & Strawberry

In a pan slightly dry roast the oats. 
Let it cool and grind with a mortar and pestle, else electric mixture.
Give a quick toss (1/2 minute) to gram flour, semolina and rice flour in the pan. Let it cool down.
In a bowl mix with a spatula moving it in a circular motion couple of times to allow for air circulation.
Add salt, sugar, lime and ginger zest, lime juice and finely chopped bell peppers.
Whip the yogurt with little water. (To avoid lumps in the yogurt and batter).
Gradually add yogurt to the seasoned flour mix, till both are well blended.
Spray a microwave-safe baking dish with little oil.
Finally, add 1 tsp of Eno to the batter, it will rise immediately and pour it to the baking dish.
Bake it in a Microwave for 6 minutes. Leave it there for another two minutes.

Cake Topping:
In a pan, warm up some water on medium heat and gently pour it on the cake.
The cake will soak up the water and will rise a little bit making it soft and spongy.
Top  up the cake with fresh slices of kiwi, kiwi glaze and a garden fresh strawberry :)))

"A Lovely Strawberry Heart from the yard"

Nutritious cake for all the beautiful moms on the go after their kids :)))))

Share this instant and oil-free cake enjoy with your family :) 

Hugs and kisses to all the Beautiful Mom's of the blogging world, XOXO!

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