Sunday, March 18, 2012

Intriguing Kumquat Marmalade with a hint of Ginger

Every day has a new beginning !

I simply love learning new recipes from different regions and cultures from across the world. I learnt cooking from the scratch, umpteen dishes and desserts from all of YOU.  Awesome cooks, indeed.

 Recently, I experimented making some marmalade with kumquats. I have always been fascinated by Kumquats, the lovely plant with its lush green leaves and bright tiny Kumquat fruit.

 Last weekend I was lucky to have found much awaited wintery/spring fruit-fresh kumquats at the local Trader Joe's

After capturing plenty of shots of these beauties, I threw a couple of these in my bowl of salad.It was a blend of sweet and tangy. Then I thought of making Kumquat salsa to enjoy it with crackers but eventually made a marmalade so that it lasts  longer :) 

My wish to make these stay at my house still persists, so with utmost care I took out the seeds, washed and dried and sowed a few in my little Pots. Now keeping my fingers crossed and really wish that seeds germinate real fast ....!!!!!!!

Little Gems are Gorgeous !!!!

Beauty at its Best !

3 Step Process - Cut in Half horizontally, de-seed, thinly slice


Kumquats: 1 Cup (finely chopped & de-seeded)

Orange: 1 (peeled, de-seeded)

Sugar: 1 Cup

Lemon Juice: 1/2 tsp

Ginger: a dash (squeezed to juice 1/2 tsp)

Wash and thinly slice the kumquats. 
Peel one orange, deseed and add to the bowl of kumquats.
Add powdered sugar and let it sit for at least 4-5 of hours (preferably overnight). 
Now take this mix in a pan & start simmering over low heat for 10-15 mins.
Bring the mix to boil, & keep it boiling for 5 mins
Now, lower the heat again, keep at low heat for 20-25 minutes till you get a jelly kind of consistency (natural pectin in the fruit will start oozing out & gelling at this stage).
Squeeze in lemon juice and add a dash of ginger juice. 
Simmer for at least 5 mins more.
Skim of the foam if any, remove from heat & keep ready to unload into a glass jar.
Now fill the marmalade into your glass jars. 
Let the jars cool down to room temperature before putting on the lid.
Seal the jar & refrigerate. 
If you can sterilize the jars ahead, with hot air - it will keep longer.

Kumquat Marmalade

Enjoy a generous spread as the marmalade is rich in antioxidants (Vitamin A,C,E) essential oils and fibre.

Enjoy, Enjoy n Enjoy !

We have been loving our kumquat marmalade on our toast every morning since last week.

I like biting into a spoonful every now & then - it's tangy, sweet & Yumm !!!!

Hope you will like the kumquat marmalade and shall give it a shot.

As always, Thank you so much for being here!
Love, Sonia

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