Friday, February 24, 2012

India in Pictures - A Visit to Delhi Haat

We were in India this January. One of my fave places to hang out when I am in Delhi is "Delhi Haat". Haat means marketplace and this place is literally a big marketplace for best craft you can find anywhere. It's an amazing experience talking and buying from craftsmen directly. Besides lovely work of art from all 30+ states in India, you get amazing variety of local food. Some great music makes the atmosphere festive, 24X7. Expectedly, we came out with bags loaded , tummy full & empty wallets.......!!!!!!!
It was a very satisfying experience (can't wait to go back again !) & here's a sneak peek into what we loved, bought & ate.

Welcome to Delhi Haat 
Shoe fetish ? - Join the gang :)

Sunshine's my Friend !

Lovely handmade Johla bags !

and beaded Hand bags, & yesss... I bought one !

Choodiyaan - The Bracelet Treasure !

Yours Truly - couldn't help trying this Tie & Dye Shawl - whatsayy ??
(Bought the Blue one eventually..)

Ladies + Candle = Lady Candle ?

Love these Musical Puppets from Rajashthan !

I used to own the elephant & it was big - I could ride it when I was a Kindergartener !!

Small Jewellery Boxes - So this is a Box-in a Box-in a Box

Yum Yum, Appam's & Stew - From Kerala !!!

and.. a rich Rajasthani Thali - Can you spot Dal-Bhaati-Choorma ?

Wrap up Time...

We had a great time at Delhi Haat, and as I said earlier, I cant wait to go back.
Hope you enjoyed what I shared, I have some more pics coming up... soon !

Cheers.. Sonia!

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