Friday, February 24, 2012

India in Pictures - A Visit to Delhi Haat

We were in India this January. One of my fave places to hang out when I am in Delhi is "Delhi Haat". Haat means marketplace and this place is literally a big marketplace for best craft you can find anywhere. It's an amazing experience talking and buying from craftsmen directly. Besides lovely work of art from all 30+ states in India, you get amazing variety of local food. Some great music makes the atmosphere festive, 24X7. Expectedly, we came out with bags loaded , tummy full & empty wallets.......!!!!!!!
It was a very satisfying experience (can't wait to go back again !) & here's a sneak peek into what we loved, bought & ate.

Welcome to Delhi Haat 
Shoe fetish ? - Join the gang :)

Sunshine's my Friend !

Lovely handmade Johla bags !

and beaded Hand bags, & yesss... I bought one !

Choodiyaan - The Bracelet Treasure !

Yours Truly - couldn't help trying this Tie & Dye Shawl - whatsayy ??
(Bought the Blue one eventually..)

Ladies + Candle = Lady Candle ?

Love these Musical Puppets from Rajashthan !

I used to own the elephant & it was big - I could ride it when I was a Kindergartener !!

Small Jewellery Boxes - So this is a Box-in a Box-in a Box

Yum Yum, Appam's & Stew - From Kerala !!!

and.. a rich Rajasthani Thali - Can you spot Dal-Bhaati-Choorma ?

Wrap up Time...

We had a great time at Delhi Haat, and as I said earlier, I cant wait to go back.
Hope you enjoyed what I shared, I have some more pics coming up... soon !

Cheers.. Sonia!


  1. cute little one
    lovely pictures of you :) and lots of fabulous things
    that appam is making me hungry

  2. great pictures of a wonderful place !! ur kiddo is cute !!

    Ongoing event CC-Dish For Loved Ones

  3. I can never get bored in this place,...:)

  4. Lovely pictoral tour of Delhi Haat..I have heard about it a lot but never seen it... amazing & colourful handicrafts and yummy mouthwatering food.
    Thanks Sonia..

  5. Oh I can never have enough of Dilli Haat. That aappam & stew has my mouth watering.

  6. vibrant pics. Being brought up in Delhi, Delhi haat reminds me of my college days...your son is too cuuuuuute. God bless him! Your shawl looks perfect on YOU!

  7. Thanks Guys for the admiration... !!! Its always so good to see handmade crafts made with so much of perfection, the core usp of Indian artists. Next time I wish to go to Suraj Kund Mela and share my experiences with you all. Thanks n Luv, Sonia!

  8. wow, how coulourful everything seems!im in love with the umberella's, loved the tie & die shawl.. dint know of this place actually so much thanks for this info will def keep some time for it when we visit delhi :)

  9. Ohhh!!!i shld say tis is definitely a visual treat:) i fell in luv with all the handicrafts,especially the umbrella,handbags n bangles :) thanks for sharing the snaps:) loved it a lot :) cheers!!


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