Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spicy Shredded Mango Pickle served with Mathhi

Do you often crave to munch something in the afternoon after lunch, yet not cooking at the spur of the moment. Today I got to share a yummy snack without any hastle. One of my favorites are roasted peanuts with rewris or gajaks and second is mathi (savory crackers with pickles). Third, freshly roasted lentil popadum with cucumber dip...its yummmm i must confess, a platter full to eat yet no cooking....YES !!!!!

Have fun in the afternoon with these easy afternoon snacks. Just did a little homework by making a quick pickle ahead and enjoying it later for weeks. It gave me a plenty of time to spend rest of my evening getting cozy and watching tv and playing some board games with my little one :)

Mango: 1
White chickpeas: 1/2 cup (Soaked overnight)
*Ginger: 2-3 tsp (Juliens)
Kalonji (Onion seeds): 1tsp
Olive oil: 1/2 cup
Salt: 2tsp (to taste)
Chilli Powder: 1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder: 1 tsp
Fennel Seeds: 1 tsp (gently crushed)
Pickle/Achaar masala: 4-5 tsp (available in indian grocery stores) optional
Mathhi (fried savory crackers): available in Indian grocery stores

Wash and peel the mango and shred it thickly with a vegetable grater.
Soak the chickpeas overnight and let'm dry thoroughly on the paper towel.
Get the juliens of the ginger.
In a pan heat olive oil and add onion seeds, chilli, salt and turmeric powder.
Switch off the gas/heat and let it cool for a while.
In a bowl add the grated mango, ginger and dry chickpeas.
Toss some freshly crushed fennel seeds and achaar masala and top it up with the warm oil (with spices). Mix well and toss again.
Store in a clean and dry glass jar with a tight lid.

Keep tossing your pickles regularly and give them some sunshine too.

Yum Yum... I recommend again, if you haven't tried this combo, dont wait.

This is a perfect company to your afternoon Cuppa' Chai.

Pls Note: -
*Adding ginger definitely enhances the taste but lowers the shelf life, so to preserve it for longer skip adding ginger.
* No preservatives added to this pickle but can add sodium benzoate to preserve for a longer time.


  1. Ohhhh, Look at that! Looks scrumptious :)

    HUGS <3

  2. very tempting !! awesome clicks !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

  3. Sounds fantastic! I love all kinds of pickle, but haven't tried mango yet - this goes on my to do list.
    I love that you used a Kali text for your photography :)

  4. I have a bucket full of water in my mouth...Tempting recipe...

  5. Mmmm.. I literally drooled just by looking at those photos.. I am guessing mathhi's are actually mathris? :)

  6. That is one yummy combination..:) Too good to resist..

  7. Absolutely mouthwatering & fab always!! ;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. It's time here,I am craving for some of this now,,,

  9. Omg, mouthwatering here..super tempting pickle.

  10. This looks and sounds amazing. I loooove mangos and pickles. Perfect snack.

  11. Thank you so much Ladies... !!!! Yes, its my fav savory snack and you guys must give it a try too. Enjoy cooking and eating, regards,sonia !

  12. yum! i looove mango pickle & this looks so damn easy to make... lovely recipe

  13. I agree with you on that post lunch hunger! And this pickle making my mouth watery.

  14. oh my word this is so creative and so amazing!

  15. My mouth is watering just by looking at your photos..yummy stuff and amazing clicks!!!Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Looks yummm!!!Anyone would love this tempting & wonderful combo.Feels like grabing.Presentation & Clicks excellent

  17. Great recipe and beautiful photos

  18. I'm loving it - ur sweet words and this spicy combo !!!
    I thank each one of you for taking out time to visit my space and appreciating it. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm !

  19. What stage of ripeness is the mango? Also, you start with DRIED chickpeas? or Canned? I want to try this recipe, but these two things I will need to know first :)

  20. Oh dear, Sonia. How did you know I get the munchies in the afternoon? Just one problem though, mangoes just don't like me. Can you imagine, lol...

    Be that as it may, it sure doesn't stop me from wanting to jump right through my screen!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  21. Merhaba, ellerinize sağlık,sevgilerrrr....

  22. I am glad that all of you are liking this recipe!
    @Louise, I can imagine if that happens :)
    @sbell, The mangoes are raw, firm and green (one big mango makes fills one empty pasta bottle -approx) and the chickpeas are raw too and soaked overnight to soften a little, but dried thoroughly in the morning with kitchen towel and free of any moisture. Let me knw if you want more details and how did ur pickle came? Thanks for the query !

  23. Clicked in here from Anita's blog and loved all the recipes and pictures especially. This aam ka achar with mathhi is a favorite. Has been agaes since I had this , your picture makes me think about mathhi mathhi mathhi... :-)
    This one in your pic is the unsalted one I guess , called pakwan in our place.


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