Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pure Divine Desi Ghee

Pure Desi Ghee is a must have with various Indian foods. For a western taste it might give a bit of cooked fat flavor, but over a period of time you would fall in love with this cooking fat. Use it to deep fry your goodies or pour it on top of your veggies, curry, rice or bread. This is an all time classic that never ceases to amaze. Today we will make Desi Ghee from unsalted butter from your supermarket.
Featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 - 2nd February' 2012

Ingedients: -
2 Sticks of unsalted butter
Chessecloth to filter the Ghee
A Glass Jar, completely dried in warm oven

Method: -
Lets start by taking butter out of fridge and bringing it to room temperature.
Now, in a medium/small heavy saucepan we will start boiling butter over medium heat.
The butter will start foaming in 4-5 minutes and once the foam completely covers butter, we will reduce it to a very low heat.
Continue to cook butter, stirring occasionally, until a thin crust begins to form on the surface and the milky white solids fall to bottom of pan, about 8-10 minutes.
Continue to cook butter, it is very important to keep watching constantly and stirring occasionally to prevent ghee from burning, until solids turn light brown and butter deepens to golden and becomes translucent ~15 minutes.
At this stage your kitchen should be very fragrant with the aroma of ghee as it develops.
Remove ghee from heat and pour through a sieve lined with atleast a triple layer of cheesecloth into a glass jar.

Pure ghee has a divine golden color and great Aroma.

And when it solidifies it has a great pearl white color with a lovely grainy texture.
Goes really well with a piping hot parantha or your toast of bread.

This is very easy recipe, you can also use heavy cream, will take a few more minutes to crack & melt.
Only tricky bit is making sure you don't overcook & burn the Ghee.
So pls go ahead, give it a try & Let me know how you like it...

Cheers - Sonia.


  1. prefectly done !! wonderful post !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

  2. Hi Sonia! Oh this is so funny, someone was just asking me about Ghee. It seems they wanted to try it on Popcorn for Super Bowl Sunday. I carefully guided them through the steps but oh my, if only they had a computer I would send them here:) It did take me a while to acquire the taste but seriously, with some foods, nothing else will do! Toasty:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  3. This is pure Ghee and very tasty to eat. Good job done. Keep it up

  4. What a perfect batch :) Looks glorious, and I can only imagine all the wonderful things you'll make with it!

  5. So, it's a super duper clarified butter? How long does it keep and should it be stored in the refrigerator? Thanks! I'm anxious to try it!

  6. This is what we would call "Drawn Butter" here in Eastern Canada.

    It is great with crab, lobster, etc.

  7. im in love with ur pics... looks so golden & devine. i too love pouring a little over hot rasam rice, heavenly combo :)

  8. so cool! Never heard of ghee before but I am loving it and it looks so delicate and delicious!

  9. This Is article explains the easiest way to prepare ghee thank u for more visit: Pure desi ghee

  10. Home made ghee is the best and natural ghee without ant artificial mixing but this ghee can be even found in many food company in India where use this methods of preparing ghee.


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