Sunday, October 30, 2011

Festival of Lights, Birthday Celebrations & A Winner !!!!

Yesterday it snowed in Jersey in the month of October (supposedly after 54 yrs). It's always exciting to get some early snow showers and the city turning !!!!!! 

I love this season of the year - full of festivals and lights. It's the best time of the year as festive spirit is in the air and we celebrate with loads and loads of home made food and sweets. This year after a really long time we had a good quality family time for Diwali Pooja ( plus my birthday ). Made a pineapple and saffron cake and we enjoyed a hearty feast at home of my fave Chana-Poori-Halwa, indeed an awesome combo !!!!!!

I wish all of you a happy and delightful festive season and wish that your home and spirits may always be enlightened with light of eternal peace.......Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!

May your life be full of lights & celebrations...

Loved these little pearl lights & got a Bokeh free :)

A bit of Art, Rangoli with lentils...

A Family Diwali Pooja at Home with Gods ...

My best Birthday gift - A Cake Decorated for me by my 5 yr old.

& this lovely B'day card by Family made my day !!

Finally its time for the results of the GiveAway & yesss... we have a winner, decided by
And the winner is ......... Jessica Maher from "Kitchen Belleicious" !!!!!!!

Yayyy .... Hope you enjoy baking with these Mini bundt cups.
Please share with me any pics when you do some baking with these in upcoming festive season.

As the new post brews quietly, I'll be back with it soon ...

Cheers to you all and Happy Halloween !!!

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