Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Times with a Sleepover Party for Foodbuzz

Last week I got a wonderful opportunity to host a "Sleepover Party" at my place for Foodbuzz tastemaker program with Electrolux. It was party time at my place, no doubt my little one is excited. Getting some time out from the hectic schedules to catch up with friends is therapeutic. Yes, it's Always. To me and my family, its more of personal catharsis as its related with cooking good food and doing up your house (just get to do once in a while) plus eating and having fun....its little hectic but completely rejuvenating.

Not sure if you know that it’s Ovarian Cancer Research Month & Electrolux is donating $200 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every washer/dryer pair purchased. Kelly Ripa has partnered with Electrolux to bring you Kelly’s Virtual Sleepover. Please join the Sleepover at When you do, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF and participants are entered for a chance to win a new Perfect SteamTM washer and dryer from Electrolux. This pair offers the most capacity to help you shoulder any load, plus, with just 15 minutes to wash and 14 to dry, the laundry is done in no time. It’s a wonderful cause, and only takes a few second of your time to join!. So guys go ahead and fully support the noble cause as much as you can. It was a fun filled evening we had family friends over for a weekend.

Menu/Agenda for the sleepover party was..
  • Fun with Lego Blocks
  • Papa Johns Cheese Pizza
  • Hide'n' Seek in my Son's Room
  • An Ice Cream Shake from Moon
  • A little Doze of "Dizzy Dragon"
  • Looking for "Where Wild things are"
  • Some "Sweet & Tangy Popcorns"
  • Sleep time with a Round of "Scrabble"
So I was right in choosing popcorns with chocolate ice cream shake for these tiny tots. They enjoyed nibbling the popcorns and playing.

Last week my son became the leader of his class and was really happy being a big responsible boy. So taking the clue from the school, I made each kid taking the lead of the activities and I was amazed to see how smoothly the party went by. The tip I would share is to keep things simple, have snacks and drinks absolutely ready to serve.

Fantasy world with Legos....!!!

Its amazing how Toddlers weave great stories from Legos, the task was to build a fantasy world & what we saw was a spectacular outcome. Yay, now its time to get some energy and it's Milk Shake time !!!!!!!!!!

For Ice cream Shake from Moon:
Chocolate Ice cream: 3-4 tsp
Milk: 1 cup
Chocolate chips: 2 Tsp
Sugar: 1 tsp or to taste
Whipped cream: 2 tsp

In a mixer add 3 to 4 scoops of ice cream plus milk plus sugar.
Add Choco chips.
Give it a good churn for 2 minutes, till creamy and frothy.
Add whipped cream and pulse for another 5-10 seconds.
Pour in the glasses and enjoy being pussy cats with your little hearts... !!!

One thing I love to do is read to my Son, but I never got a chance to read to three energetic Toddlers. What was great was that we managed to find Where Wild Things Are with Chick-a-Boom ... it was crazy funnnnn !!!

Finally we were ready for our last Item on the agenda.... Tangy/Sweet Popcorns....

Ingredients For Sweet & Tangy Popcorn Recipe:
Popcorn by ActII: 1 pack
Brown Sugar: 2 tsp
Chaat Masala: 1 tsp
Make popcorns as per instructions in a microwave (the easiest and the best way) or in a popcorn maker.
Now add some sugar in the pan and let it carmalize..
Swiftly add the popcorns and give it a good toss to coat the popcorns well.
Add 1 Tsp of Chaat Masala & shake the popcorns in the bag.
Serve it warm and your kids would love to have it.... !

Three little Toddlers or 3 tiny bundles of energy....

My Little guests loved every bit of their time. They had loads of fun & so did we. It was a great evening & we can't wait to have everyone back again. Hope you like a sneak peak into their time & would keep coming back for more

Hugs... Sonia


  1. Oooh...What a cute little boy!!! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. And and for such a great cause! Love both of your gorgeous recipes- They look and sound just perfect :)
    And now I'm off to Kelly's site.

    BTW, Love every click!

    HUGS <3

  2. Sounds like real fun & some cool ways to keep the hyperactive kids busy!!


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