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Foodbuzz 24x24: Celebrating the Spirit of New York City with a m&m fiesta

It is an honor being part of the 24X24, a virtual feast organized by Foodbuzz across the globe. I appreciate all the efforts taken by the team in hosting this fabulous feast for its readers. I also thank two of our friends who were able to make it for a real quick bite in spite of Hurricane Irene expected on Sunday. We had an early party & missed watching a NYC spectacular - Jets vs Giants Game, which will now be played on Monday evening. Yet we had great fun, specially the Kids who loved every treat we prepared for the day. I pray to the Almighty that all goes well for everyone on the east coast...and God bless America !!!
Through this post I would like to share a menu for a Summer Fiesta out of my favorite treat - m&m's. It's all about Celebrating the Spirit of New York City - its Sports Teams, its Cultural heritage & its great Landmarks. The m&m's are picked from my fav "m&m store" in Times square, NYC. In this post, I'm  incorporating the Photographs from m&m shopping experience at the store; Pictures & shots from the Party Table.

The m&m's were named the official candy of the new millenium and Today of my Feast too!!! 

I Welcome You all to My Sweet World of m&m's..... !

I fondly remember that cold week of December 2008, when I visited New York for the first time. While deciding what all we wanted to cover in that short span of one week or so we thought a lot. With a young toddler in my lap, we wanted to see more of kids attractions than anything else. The very first destination was obviously Statue of Liberty, then came to Times Square. It was an awesome experience & we relive it every time we are back at Time Square.
We were back in the city Last week to pick our Raw Materials, the First step was to pick our m&m's at the m&m Store Time Square. Although my Son & my Husband happily took roles of m&m pickers, with the abundance of variety this activity was tricky. Almost 3 lbs & 45 minutes we managed to finish this part of our preparation & the m&m store. 

Always Happy to fill his Bags of m&m's....!

 @ m&m Store, Times Square, New York City

A Huge Huge Huge Variety to Choose from .... !!!
m&m Assortments - Giving way to Idea Generation !!!!!

NYC HomeRun Mix theme m&m's for my cupcakes.... !

Yellow Cab themed m&m's for our Cookies.... !

A Slam Dunk Mix & Touchdown Mix too !!!!!!

In 1950, m&m's gets it First 'm' imprinted in black, later changed to white !

Job Done, Taking a quick Break !

If you havent been there, you must go to enjoy the experience. Here's a sample of what we brought home ;

Starters for the day were Crostini's and Banana Pops.
Crostini Nutella Toasts with m&m's: Crostini's were liberally brushed with Almond butter, Peanut butter and sprinkled some mini m n m's. They were gorgeous to look and crunchy to munch. All in all so much fun to make and enjoy...!

Banana Pops Studded with m&m's: A sweet treat for the little guests with a healthy banana pops. They were studded with mini m & m's and were a huge success amongst the toddlers...!

Drink of the day was Frozen Yogurt Cooler.
Frozen Yogurt Shake - This is dedicated to The Statue of Liberty. This shake was made by blending green m&m's, frozen yogurt with a shot of Mint and this wonderful drink was a hit cooler of the day, especially amongst the little one's... !

Yummy Chocolate Ice cream Shake Topped with Whipped Cream and M&M's:
Orange & Blue m&m's topped Ice Cream shakes for all the Mets  fans.
Blue and Grey m&m's topped Ice Cream shakes for all the Yankee fans.

Yankee Fan or a Mets Fan ?????

Main Course Desserts for the day was a combo of Rainbow Cake and Football Mini Cupcakes.
Golden Rainbow Cake with Hazelnut Spread and loads of M & M's: Everybody had a chance to cut the awesome cake, which was embedded with multi-colored little milk chocolate and peanut butter m &m's... !!! 

I baked extra moist Mini cupcakes that were layered with sour cream and topped with  Red and Blue m&m's to give it a Giants theme. Another bunch of little cupcakes were layered with chocolate and topped with  green and white m&m's to give it a Jets theme... !

Grey, Blue & Red m&m's with a Sour Cream Topping - for Giants fans

White & Green m&m with choco fudge topping for Jets Fans

NYC Yellow Cab  Taxi Themed Cookies
The Taxicabs of New York City, with their distinctive yellow paint, are a widely recognized icon of the New York City. Here we have used Yellow/Brown m&m's with mini Oreos to create  Yellow cab cookies. 

Yellow Cab Cookies made with m&m's and Oreo's

The m&m's were the guests of honor in our special evening. 

This post of mine is dedicated to this cute chocolate candy and have created all my appetizers, drinks and desserts with irresistible m&m's, which are aways fun to nibble. Finally, a Big Cheers to all Readers of "My.Creative.Flavors" - I thank you all for visiting my m&m summer fiesta and being the part of this virtual feast....!!!!!


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Check out this lovely chocolate m&m uber feast! I love this 24x24! Great use of those M&M and a wonderful theme :)

  2. girl I have no idea how u r doing these post midst of a move.. but u rock! and i am not showing the m&m topped breads to my girls (Evil grin).

  3. I think my son would love your forever...:)) this is extraordinary..Love your post and congrats on 24x24!!!

  4. Thank you so much for liking the m& m fiesta... !!!

  5. I'm a New Yorker and an M&M lover - the post went straight to my heart!

  6. I've never seen that many varieties of M&Ms in my life! It's like a kid's (or adult's) candy paradise! :D

  7. Just bowled over by this post Sonia! Amazing..loved your creativity.
    Never seen so much variety of M&M..too good.

  8. Feel like a kid seeing all these lovely treats.

  9. Wow...What a feast!!! and the pics are super awesome treats!!! Im shamelessly drooling here looking at m&m`s like a lil kid here:)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. Ohhh what a great 24x24 idea! I love m&m's too! Great recipe and great party theme! Well done!

  11. now this is my kind of festival. Treats galore loaded with M&M's> What could be better? Did you get to try all of them? I would have! Thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures

  12. wow this is such a fun post love it :-) and your little one looks like hes having a blast

  13. I am just giddy with excitement from all those coloful m&m's.. Kids would love you more now than ever, if they came across this post of yours :D

    Congrats on 24X24 and good luck with the moving :)

  14. You make me feel like a kid in a candy store right now!

  15. You are my rock star! I have no clue how you doing this in between your schedules but they look awsm and effortless.

  16. Sonia,salute to your innovations!!!
    You have created a wonderful world of sweet hues for kids.Your little one looking so CUTE....
    Great Idea!!!

  17. How random, I visited NYC for the first time in December of 2008 8 too, AND went to the M&M store and have a souvenir bowl. Cute post!

  18. Wah.One is wonder-struck by your highly creative recipes n party themes. every post of yours is always unique.And again your photo shoot too show an abundance of imagination

  19. I think you may have had more fun at home than at the M&M store. Such fun ideas!

  20. What a great place! I wish such a store existed here. A great collection of trets.



  21. This is a surefire reminder that I haven't been to the M&M store in way too long. What a great tribute to them!

  22. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It brings me to yours! Fantastic!
    I love the various colours of M&Ms so pretty!

  23. Oh my gosh, such a fun post! Great job :D

  24. What a fun party! I love visiting M&M's stores, and I always want to bring home every single color. The taxi cab cookies are so cute!

  25. what a fun party, how cute is he standing nezt to the m& girls would love to attend you m&m party!! so cute!!

  26. delicious looking post congrats on the 24 x 24

  27. Thanks a ton to all of You for words of appreciation.... !!! I'm so glad that you all liked this post. Love & Regards, Sonia !


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