Friday, July 1, 2011

Refreshing Pomegranate Ice Tea with a Orangey Twist

Pomegranate is an all time favorite of mine. I've been playing with the idea of making an ice cream or a sorbet, for some weird reason haven't been able to find much of my fvt fruit in the markets. Even went to an extent of Buying a bottle of POM, hmm... inference = can't beat the freshness. So here we are trying my hands on making a strange concoction which delivered well. Many people don't get Ice Tea, never mind these blokes, I love ice tea. What can beat a chilled can on Arnold palmer (Half Lemonade / half Ice Tea) on a warm & humid summer day.

Refreshing Pomegranate Ice Tea with a Orangey Twist

Back to pomegranates, today we will learn how to cut one without leaving a mess on your clothes & turning the juice into a great Ice Tea recipe which I'm sure you'd love reading more than I loved making it.

How to cut/de-seed a Pomegranate:
Make sure you are not wearing whites & in fact wearing an apron is safe.
With a chef's knife make a cut through the crown of pomegranate & cut in half.
Use your hands to tear open the fruit, do all this in a large bowl so that any juice or loose seeds fall in.
Make a second cut through the half working from the crown to the way down.
Again make sure you work away any loose seeds & collect any juice in the bowl.
In the bowl fill some water, take all the 4 cut portions & start prying away seeds one by one.
Seeds will start sinking in the water.

Make sure your hands are always inside the water, this will ensure juice doesn't splatter all over.

Use your hands to take out seeds and collect in a bowl.
Job done :)

Ingredients for Pomegranate Ice Tea:
(Yield 4 Glasses)
1 Pomegranate
4 Tea bags of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Ice Tea (can use regular Lipton tea bags)
2 tsp Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
4 tbs Sugar
4 Orange Slices for decorating our glasses

Take pomegranate seeds & crush in a blender for ~ 1min
Use strainer to separate pomegranate juice from seeds.
In a pan take pomegranate juice, add sugar & keep heat on simmer for almost 10 mins.
Mix will start to thicken, add lemon juice at this stage & stir for another 2 mins.
Take off the heat & collect in a cup, allow to cool down.

Take Hot water (4 Glasses) in a bowl & dip tea bags.
Leave the bags in for 2-3 mins.
Use a spoon & fork to squeeze bags.
Dont leave bags in for more than 5 mins , it will make the tea bitter.

At this stage, add pomegranate mix to the tea.
Mix well & keep aside to cool for 30 mins

Pour into 4 Glasses & add Ice to each glass ~ 2-3 cubes per glass
Decorate with Orange & serve

Yumm.... Can you beat this freshness !!!
This drink is packed with anti-oxidants which improve health & detox your system.
Can you find a better way to enhance your well being.

A simple, quick & nutritious drink for this summer.
Everyone at my home loved this recipe.
Hope you like this too and will give it a shot ...
and yess... don't forget to tell me how you liked it.
Cheers ... Sonia !!!

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  1. Of Course I'll definitely give it a shot. Loved the combination of pomegranate with tea ... how refreshing and colourful! Graeat photos!!

  2. congrats on being featured
    delicious looking drink innovative refreshing ice tea

  3. Refreshing tea...loved the color of it and sure shud be tasting great...Beautiful clicks...

  4. Love this tea! :) the color makes me go YUM! hehe :) great job!

  5. such a refreshing drink wid nice colors n flavors...nice pics too

  6. How refreshing and the color is beautiful!

  7. Such a refreshing drink...lovely presentation.

  8. Woww soo refreshing and prefect drink to enjoy anytime of the day..Wonderful!

  9. This is like just wow ...looks so gud n lovely pic

  10. wow....
    looks awesome dear...
    nice refreshing juice with beautiful clicks :)

  11. So tempting it is!!!You always try the amazing recipes.Great of you!Clicks & presentation superb!

  12. What a refreshing looking drink and wonderful photos!

  13. Hi Sonia. That sounds very refreshing. I have a few pomegrantes on the tree outside and I'm hoping they make it and if they do, I will be doing this. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  14. Congrats on being featured. The POM ice tea looks really refreshing and as always i'm a total fan of ur clicks n presentation!

  15. Lovely recipe! I live in Chile, and here is an autumn-winter fruit, so I'll try a warmer version of this.
    Thanks for the tip on de-seeding it, I'll definitely use it next time. To make the juice I crush the seeds with a colander using a's lots of work, but -for me- produces a better tasting juice.

  16. This looks like a wonderful tea to cool you down on a hot Summer day!

  17. Oh, so beautiful and refreshing! A wonderful combination of flavors.



  18. A big thanks to all my friends for dropping lovely words of appreciation....Cheers, Sonia !!!

  19. Congrats to be featured by Foodista Drink Blog.Your recipes are always innovative.Great indeed!!!

  20. Feeling so refreshed just looking at the pictures.I am sure it was yum.

  21. Wow.... I love this pomegranate ice tea! I didn't know the best way to de-seed, and thanks for teaching us how! This tea is such a luxury. I would have to enjoy every sip! The picture of pomegranate is amazing Sonia!

  22. Gorgeous clicks of Pomegranate on the wood :) I like ice tea but only with lemon. I guess it's time to twist it up !

  23. congrats on being featured and amazing pics as fav is the one with a tea drop falling from the tea bags! :)

  24. Congrats on being featured ur pics and dishes you post everytime...
    Pomegranate ice tea looks refreshing indeed..loved the color!

  25. I love iced tea but never tried with pomegranate, which you can't help but love, so quite a refreshing combo...the pics are lovely!!


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