Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gulkand: A Speciality Rose Petal Preserve from India

A Rose is a Rose  is a Rose. You may decorate your living room with a bunch,  float in water with diyas/floating candles, else enjoy a rose based drink. Its aroma can lighten up your spirits, an its vibrant color can fill your life with brightness. Rose has been my favorite flower since I was young.

Gulkand or more precisley gulqand is a sweet preserve of rose petals. Gul means the flower and qand means sweet, so literally its a sweet made from flowers. Gulkand is a very popular rose petal spread from India. It is known for its innumerable medicinal and ayurvedic properties. Its best known for its cooling properties especially in the hot and humid summer days. Perhaps the most famous way of having it is wrapped in Paan Leaf along with some crushed betel nut, cardamom & raisins  - as a mouth freshener.

Home made Gulqand from Garden fresh Roses

My mom got this spread for us and made it with her own garden fresh rose petals (desi gulab or musk rose). So here I'm sharing her recipe. Enjoy Gulkand with rabri, basundi, smoothie, shake or on top of ice cream.

Fresh Rose Petals: 2 cups (I used Garden Fresh from Pots)
Sugar: 1 cup (add more if you like more sweetness)
Honey: 2-3 tsp
A dash of cardamom powder
Few drops of Rose Essence

Sprinkle water on the roses in the pot and after a while pluck the roses.
Gently wash the petals or dab it with water and let it dry on paper towel.
In a bowl, mix rose petals with confectioners sugar, honey and a dash of cardamom and give it a good toss. Now add few drops of rose essence and shake well.
Transfer the contents in a glass jar (pre washed and dried)  and keep it in sun for couple of days, shaking occassionally.

Fell in love with its deep Red Color

When the roses become more dark and the sugar is blended well, its is ready.

Enjoy gulqand with bread, parantha, icecream or a glass of warm milk.

This is absolutely lovely and refreshing to taste. 
A spoon of fresh rose spread is so therapeutic to mind and soul. 
Hope you give it a shot and enjoy making and relishing it....!

Hugs, Sonia !!!

Sharing fresh Gulkand with Simple Lives Thursday, 51st Edition.

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