Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mini Sweet Pizza/Malpua with kheer

Should I call these mini sweet pizzas or sweet pancakes, whatever.... these traditional Indian Malpuas are a delightful dessert to enjoy in the summers, especially in the Monsoon season and when made by your Mom. This weekend has been a relief from hot & humid weather we have had in New Jersey recently, and we welcomed little rain we had yesterday. Yeah, it feels like Monsoon & for once I took the backseat and waited patiently for my platter to be served as I jotted down the recipe. There are many versions of this recipe, but the most famous way of making it in Northern India is making a batter by mixing all purpose flour with semolina and milk. These sweet and soft pancakes are enjoyed with Rabdi (Reduced caramelized Milk) or Kheer (Rice Pudding) made with rice and milk. I used Kheer mix by Gits to make Instant Kheer and made it rich by adding chopped nuts.

All Purpose Flour: 1/2 cup
Semolina: 2 tsp
Whole Wheat Flour: 2 tsp
Milk: 1/4 cup
Water: 1/4 cup
Fennel seeds: 1/2 tsp
Almond meal: 1 tsp (finely crushed almonds)
Cardamom Powder: a pinch
Saffron strands: a pinch
Sliced Pistachio/Almonds: 2 tsp for garnishing
Oil/Ghee for frying

For Sugar Syrup:
Water: 2 cups
Sugar: 1 cup
Cardamom pods: 3-4
Saffron Strands: few

For Kheer (Rice Pudding)
Kheer Mix by Gits
Milk: 1 cup
Raisins: few
Sliced Nuts: 2 tsp

In a bowl sieve all three flours together for 2 to 3 times.
Add fennel seeds, almond meal and a pinch of saffron and cardamom powder.
Add water and milk to make a thick batter of pouring consistency.
Let the batter stand for 30 minutes.
Heat oil in a shallow pan and pour a teaspoon full into the batter to make mini Malpuas.
To make a bigger size, pour a ladder full into the oil.
Fry till it becomes light golden brown from both sides.
Soak it in the sugar syrup and take it out on towel paper.
Garnish with sliced pistachios and almonds.

For Kheer:
Boil a cup of milk in a pan.
Mix kheer mix in little quantity of milk and add to the milk.
Simmer for a while and cook for 5-6 minutes.
Garnish with raisins and nuts.

Serving Malpua with Kheer: -
The best way to enjoy this treat is by dipping Malpua in Kheer (immersing it fully) and having it.
Crispy texture of fried Malpua & caramelized flavors of Kheer create magic.

Believe me, these Malpuas were simply SCRUMPTOUS.

Can you resist a bite here ???

We enjoyed our Feast, Hope you guys give it a try and like it...

And let me know, if you do !!!!!



  1. I could not resist a bite and now there's a huge bite mark on my screen, lol...

    You can call these what ever your little heart desires. They are absolutely stunning. If I still lived in New York I would be on the GW headed to Jersey just for a nibble. Heck, I may take the trip from PA. GORGEOUS!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Sonia. I'm saving this link just in case...

  2. Delicious recipe and excellent presentation....

  3. The pictures are superb and I am sure the dish turned out great

  4. I love malpuas n just loved ur photos n prsentation..:)

  5. gr8 presentation and stunning pics... yummy tempting dish..

  6. Dearest Sonia,

    These sweet pancakes sound yummy with the Kheer. We always loved that while working in India!

    Lots of love,


  7. these malpuas look superb deliciously done Sonia love the kheer as well
    thanks :) for sharing

  8. Hi Sonia,

    It was wonderful to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    The Malpua look delicious and I look forward to making them, thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Happy weekend

  9. Wow! I absolutely love 'Malpua'..Never ventured into creating it myself but may give it a try at some point now using your recipe.

    The pictures in your blog are beautiful - make the dishes so much more appetising!!!

    See you around

  10. Bengali Malpua is very different. It's fluffy and we don't eat it with kheer or syrup. I like both the North Indian and the bengali version .. all in all i love Malpua.

  11. An award waiting for you at:

  12. I love cardamom. It's time I started using it more often in the kitchen! Your sweet pizzas look yummy!

  13. Wonderful presentation...The malpuas look so inviting!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  14. These look wonderful, Sonia. Interesting to have fennel as an ingredient....
    Your presentation is charming; the photos are perfect.

    And, I wanted to mention what a lovely recipe you posted for the rhubarb pockets. I love rhubarb and have made a rhubarb curd but never thought about filling phyllo with it. Going to try this!

  15. Delectable malpua, beautiful and addictive..

  16. Delicious and irresistable.
    Lovely presentation !

  17. Beautiful presentation! I've never heard of this, but love all the ingredients and flavours in this!

  18. Mmmmm....Yumm! Nothing more to describe these...

  19. Irresistible combo..can't take my eyes off your lovely presentation and beautiful clicks..can just keeping looking at it FOREVER!! AWESOME!

  20. Thanks a ton to everybody. Your words are PRECIOUS for me and makes my day...Cheers, Sonia !

  21. Spectacular photos (like always!) That kheer looks super tasty, perfect way to enjoy a Sunday morning :)

  22. Looks delicious. Gorgeous photos!

  23. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh- how much fun eating those gorgeous sweet pancakes. I am in love and I need them NOW! Seriously, your pictures just get better and better! you should submit them to a magazine or something. Love this recipe- might be my top 10 of yours! Hope you had a great weekend!

  24. LOoks delicious! super like:).

  25. Hi Sonia, First of all, many thanks for visiting my blog. I am so pleased to have found yours--so many intriguing recipes, and your photography is stunning.
    Beautiful work!

  26. Hi Sonia! OMG... This looks delicious! I am not sure if I had Malpua. I've had some random sweets at my Indian friend's house and by looking at ingredients it's similar. BUT not Kheer. Looks so good!! I have to ask my friend if she makes this dish, otherwise I must cook this on my own! LOL. Your photos are ALWAYS stunning beauty!

  27. A Big Thank You To Each One of YOU for the wonderful comments..... !!!!

  28. Nice one! I love the flavours in these!

  29. I love the sweet and the savory flavors in the mini pizzas!

  30. Wow!!!Wonderful!!Irresistable!


  31. Delicious comfort food,I am thinking about getting some easy recipes from your site and surprising some good Indian friends at dinner sometime soon,

  32. OMG, those look divine! Great flavors. A soothing treat.



  33. I appreciate your lovely comments... !!!

  34. This screams HOLI, the best of all Indian Festivals :) Lovely recipe and photos.

  35. Perfectly made malpuas.. Looks delicious and beautiful presentation..


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