Friday, June 17, 2011

Homemade Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

OK now, dont get judgmental - It is Obvious & my love affair with Strawberries continues with this post. And as promised here's a post on how to make your own homemade Strawberry Ice Cream. This post is less about photography & more about strawberries and my guilty pleasure ICE CREAM. 
So sit back 'n' Chillax .....!

Ingredients: -
2 cups Strawberries, cut in half
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup heavy cream
A Pinch teaspoon salt
5-6 drops teaspoon vanilla extract
In a bowl, take half cut strawberries and sprinkle with 1/4 cup sugar and the lemon juice.
Toss to combine and set aside for ~2 hrs. Keep mixing occasionally.
Now in a pan, stir together cream, remaining  sugar and a pinch of salt.  
Bring the mix to a simmer, then turn the temperature all the way down to low.
Puree the strawberry mixture in a blender till smooth.  
Stir the strawberry puree into the cream mixture until completely incorporated, also add vanilla extract at this stage.

Place bowl in the refrigerator and allow the mixture to cool completely – at least two hours preferably overnight. Mix well & it is ready to go into ice cream maker as per instructions of manufacturer. Once done transfer to a air-tight container & leave in freezer at least for 2 hrs to let it firm up. Enjoy fresh homemade strawberry icecream topped with Mint leaves.

My lot couldn't survive for more than a day & was all gone. 

Hope you give it a shot and share with me how you did....... Love , Sonia.

Adapted from recipe by one of my fvt food bloggers Pinch-My-Salt.


  1. there is nothing more divine than this!!

  2. this looks fabulous Sonia delicious looking ice cream to beat the heat

  3. HA! Love that you said chillax. ;) Great ice cream, I want it now!

  4. Okay Sonia, this is my...I think 4th ice cream posts that I visited. Each one is different flavor (I always pick strawberry as my first choice), and I have made my mind that I'm going to buy an ice cream maker TOMORROW. DONE with debating. I can't wait to make my own. Thanks for the recipe, and I'll be making it soon!

  5. Nothing like an icecream in summers! And simple flavors are the best

  6. This is a creamy, gorgeous, luscious & divine ice cream!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. I'd be able to chillax much more effectively with a scoop of this ice cream! :D LOL

  8. I am definitely on board with this recipe! My two favorite things: strawberries and ice cream!

  9. Oh yes!!! It doesn't get any better than Homemade Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream in the month of June!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Sonia...

    P.S. Today is International Picnic Day, the day that "kicks" off the Picnic Game at my blog. We would LOVE for you join us...I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...

  10. Its tooo.. Yummm.....!!!!Will surely try.

  11. I dont bother to finish that creamy and incredible icecream,tempting!

  12. Sonia, we just made Strawberry Ice Cream for the second time this year. Our recipes our similar in a few ways. I think there are about 10 fresh strawberry or another flavor of ice cream on food blogs right refreshing when it is getting so hot. PS: Your photos are MUCH better than mine!

  13. Nothing better in my book. I lived off strawberry and peach ice cream in the summer growing up. Those are my fondest memories! I love finding new ice cream recipes and can't wait to give this a try!

  14. Hi Sonia,
    There's nothing more refreshing than a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day...that looks fantastic and super yummy..nice and easy recipe..thanks for sharing!

  15. There is honestly nothing better, in my opinion. :)

  16. I love strawberry flavour. Cannot resist myself seeing the delicious ice-cream. Looks wonderful and tempting.

  17. Ice cream season, indeed! I like simple recipes with fresh fruit; photos are so pretty!

  18. Mmm this looks so so good! Just perfect for summer and I can already imagine how much better this tastes than storebought artificial flavors.

  19. summer screams ice cream!! my girls would love this cool treat1


  20. beautiful--and simple---recipe,
    stunning photography.


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