Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Berry Bounty, So here is Strawberry Conserve

Oh my has been strawberries all around. I love the summers as it cheers up your mind and soul with its bright and sunny days. People are making the most of their weekends with Strawberry Picking in the farms. Its so much fun to pick and fill your baskets with fresh strawberries. Make any dish with these delicious berries and its surely going to be a hit. The recipes are loaded with antioxidants and full of natural sweetness and flavor.

I was reading the recent issue of Bon Appetit and fell in love with this recipe of strawberry conserve. So here is my reproduction of the simple yet classy recipe.

Strawberries: 2 cups
Sugar:1/2 cup
A dash of  Lemon
2-3 pieces of Lemon peel


Take strawberry halves, lemon peel and sugar in a pan.

Cover the pan and let it sit at room temperature for approximately two hours.
Keep mixing occasionally.
This will help the berries to ooze out their flavor/Juice and blend the sugar.
Now put this mixture over simmer heat, stirring gently till strawberries are tender (2-3 mins).
Take out strawberries at this stage & transfer into a glass jar.
Continue simmering liquid until it thickens into syrup consistency (4-5mins).
Discard the lemon and filter out the syrup over the berries in the glass jar.

Refrigerate and use whenever you want to cheer up.
This should last for almost a month in refrigerator.
A great way to consume is on a multigrain toast alongwith a Philadelphia spread.
Yummm.... !!!!!!!!

I had a happy and cheerful week, experimenting my hands with strawberries. I also tried ice cream with the rest of my box, will share recipe soon. Hope you love this conserve with any bread you like or even on top of your vanilla ice cream, its YUM in whichever way you decide to consume it ...... !!!!!!

PS - You must have noticed that photographs look a bit different here, the reason is that I decided to play with shadows, let me know if you like the photography.

Sharing the recipe of Strawberry Conserve with Simple Lives Thursday, 48th Edition
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