Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homemade Green Chilli Pickle or Mirchi-Ka-Achar

If you love Indian food, you must love Indian Pickles.

Not many people realize that doing a pickle at home can be easy. Specially if you want to do something from fresh ingredients, don't want to do huge quantities and can consume quick. So here today we are going to plan with two of my favorite things to pickle. Fresh Green Chillies & Ginger. Both when pickled together complement each others the flavors & blend really well to develop an awesome concoction. Depending on how much you can take, be careful (wise ?) in selecting your Green Chilli Peppers. If you cannot tolerate to much heat, select the milder versions, these days supermarkets stock all kind of Chillies.

Another trick is de-seed the chillies before you start.

But the Brave would say that de-seeding changes the game, anyways like any other food/recipe do your own thing.


10 -12 Small Green Chillies
Ginger Root 1 Piece
Lemons 2
Salt 1/2 Tablespoon
Turmeric powder 1/4 Tablespoon


Take the chilies wash them with water & dry using paper towel.
Leave them aside and ensure that they are completely dry. (if you plan well, do this step in the evening & leave the chillies overnight to dry)Peel the ginger root using a peeler & chop finely in to same size julliens.
Ensure glass container we're going to use is washed well with detergent & dried with paper towel.
In a separate glass container squeeze out the lemon juice. 
(Tip : Microwave half cut Lemons for 10-15 sec ,this will make's soft & get the most juice out)
Add salt & turmeric to lemon juice in the glass container, mix well.
At this stage add chillies and ginger to lemon juice mixture and stir again.
Tightly close the glass jar & keep in refrigerator for at least 48 hours.
Your pickle is ready in 2 days, but it is going to be very sharp/hot at this point.
It will take at least 3-4 days for it to become milder.
Shaking the glass jar every day with ensure even spread & absorption of lemon juice.

Lovely Colors, I love these smaller peppers

Dry with paper towel & leave overnight to dry

This goes really well with Lentils & Roti, even Pulao rice.
Try to finish within 2-3 weeks & keep refrigerated.

Have a wonderful Day !



  1. Oh this looks so unique and colorful! Really like your blog!!

  2. Hot chilli pickle looks stunning and catchy..

  3. Wow this is fascinating, I have never had Indian pickles! Making them together with ginger probably gives them amazing flavor. Beautiful colors!

  4. Yummy pickle. Loved the way you presented it.
    Do stop by my space when time permits..

  5. Tongue tickling chilli pickle...beautiful presentation and nice clicks

  6. Oh, fabulous! I am a big fan of chilies.



  7. I will certainly prepare this recipe soon! I love chilies,but I have never tried making chili pickles.
    Your photos are amazing, I wish I knew what retro crossprocess effect means ;-) I must really learn more about taking photos.

  8. umm so my husband is going to love you and so is my dad because this is something they love and I have never done before for them. Genius and you make it sound so easy!

  9. I am not much of a pickle person but there are two type which we always have at home .. chilly and lemon. I never thought making pickle would be that easy ! I wouldn't de-seed .. I agree with you .. it will totally change the game :)

  10. Would love to learn how to pickle and get comfortable with it! These little peppers look hot and feisty! :)

  11. This is totally unique & tongue tickling pickle!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. Love love love mirchi ka achar. This recipe looks droolicious :D Kya yaar, I've been so sick lately. Sorry for the absence ;)

  13. looking gorgeous so tempting presented beautifully

  14. Love the fresh, bright colors and I've long enjoyed a good Indian pickle.

  15. Your pictures are always so beautiful and I just adore your work very much!

  16. Hi I'm dying to try this recipe, however I wonder why you have squeezed limes in the picture, yet the recipe calls for lemons... Thanks for a clarification!

  17. Nice Recipe!

    I just read an article about growing your own chillies now I know what to do with them when they are ready :)


  18. This was a regular table pickle at my parents' place, minus the turmeric . The ginger turns pink and some times garlic was added which also took a pink hue. Chopped finely and added to green salad dressings this pickle works wonders.

  19. A comment was intended for this pickle and I guess it went on another pickle post of your's . # pickle posts are open in different tabs :-) I thought I am only one making pickles in Blogosphere :-)
    Found another pickle queen here:-)

  20. My dad has been making the mirchi-ka-achar for over 30 years now, though there's a slight variation.
    He picks perfectly green and long chillies, cuts them lengthwise and along with ginger he adds mango-ginger and raddish (and garlic sometimes considering my mom's dislike for it). We eat it as a side to 'garmagaram' Dal with a teaspoon of ghee. Heaven!!
    Try my father's variation for a change. You will love it. And yes, forgot to add. He adds just about a pinch or two of whole jeera to it. Boosts the taste to no extent!
    Feels good to know there are people around the world that share the same taste. :-)
    Cheers to you and my dad.

    P.S. My mom tries the same but the taste is never as good as what my dad makes.
    There are endless variations to this, at my grandfather's place they add beetroot and carrot to the achar too. It is so yummy it never lasts for more than 2 days.


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