Monday, May 23, 2011

Coconut Chickpea Bars or Besan ki Burfi

So people, what are your plans for the long weekend. excited and  all prepared for family time ?
Here I am sharing something that will make your weekend "Sweeter"
Recently I have been fascinated with lemon and chocolate bars, both the recipes sound/look great.  So I thought of making an Indian version from chickpea (or Besan) & coconut. The chickpea bars (Burfi as we call these) are soft, rich and full of flavor. These are simple yet healthy to nibble bars, anytime/anywhere  - be it a vacation or for a party and can be made ahead and stored for some days.

Chickpea bars with Coconut

The simple recipe to make fresh and soft Chickpea Bars... !

Ingredients: -
1 cup besan (chickpea flour or gram flour)
1 cup ground sugar
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup whole milk
1 cup ghee
1/4 Cup Sliced almonds

1 Tsp Crushed Cardamon

Fresh cardamom pods, almonds and milk creates magic in the bars

Desi ghee (clarified butter) adds to the flavor
Method: -
Collect all the ingredients and keep handy. 
The only tip in making the bars is to keep stirring the flour continuously as it gets burnt quickly. 
Heat ghee & roast besan on low heat till nice aroma develops. Keep stirring the flour continously.

Now slowly add milk and freshly crushed cardamoms, while stirring to avoid lumps. 
Add sugar, coconut (keep a few spoons handy for topping up later). 
Cook for about 20 mins on low heat. Keep stirring very frequently. 
Check the sugar and adjust to taste. Sprinkle sliced almonds at this stage.
When the mix stops sticking to the wall of vessel, it is ready to be poured.
Grease a big plate or layer it with parchment paper. Pour mixture and flatten on top with spatula.

Leave it aside for almost 30 mins too cool down & firm up.
Use a sieve to sprinkle grated coconut powder on the top evenly.

Cool and cut into squares or diamonds with a sharp knife. 

These flavorful, soft and sweet bars are ready !

This can stay and taste good for almost a week if refrigerated.

A small bundle of my Besan Burfi & Chickpea Bars, ready to go for vacation.

These are perfectly sweet and soft, ready to eat... !

I've packed up my little bundles for the weekend. 
Hope you guys have an awesome time with family and friends too.... !

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