The spring is almost around the corner here on the east coast. Last week was bright and sunny but later this week it snowed again and we are expecting at least one more snow shower in the coming week. Last week when my little one came back after playing in the snow, he asked me if I can make him something like a snow shake..... ??????

These toddlers really force you to get out of your couch and make something exciting and new for them everyday in every meal. As I navigated through my refrigerator I came up with this idea of frothy ice cream shake...... !!!!! 

My Son was pretty happy with my idea and just asked me to add some of his fav peppermint candies.  So the question was, Vanilla Ice cream , peppermint candies & what else ....

And I found this pack on instant Mocha Latte in my kitchen cabinet. Armed with this varied choice of ingredients and a little googling I was more certain how to go about it. 
In a few minutes we were  enjoying our crunchy 'n' snowy peppermint shake with big cat moustache ....!!!!!!

I found these peppermint candies intriguing, here we have some sticking on the ceiling !!

.... and some lucky ones fell in to this Ice Cream bowl !!!
To make this quick and easy utterly-butterly shake, you just need - 
Vanilla Ice Cream: 6 scoops
Peppermint candies: 6-8 (or peppermint extract: 2 drops)
Milk: 1/4 cup
Mocha Latte: 1 tsp
White Chocolate chips: few ( & optional)
Incase you don't have this Mocha Latte instant mix in stock, just use some chocolate drink powder

Method :
Finely crush the peppermint candies in a blender to make powder. 

Add vanilla ice cream or  any favorite flavor and milk. 
Give it a quick churn in the mixer, till frothy. 
Add a Tsp of Mocha Latte Powder.

Can add chocolate chips in the shake to get a little chocolaty flavor with some mouthfeel. 
Give our mix a quick churn in the blender & we are almost done.
Sprinkle some mocha latte mix on top.

Aahh, Lovely !!!!

Though this shake is made in a lot of jiffy, but the flavors are just too perfect. Enjoy the shake with some crispy ice cream pakora snacks,  if possible.....

We loved the quick recipe , give it a try & let me know how you like it !!!!

Thick & Crunchy Peppermint Mocha Ice Cream Shake on Foodista