Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spicy Lemonade with Garden Fresh Mint

My Creative Flavors welcomes spring with its new look,  saying good bye to winters in one breath. 

And what better way to welcome spring than making some thing chilled and refreshing from the best nature has to offer. Talking of Nature, I'm in love with all my potted plants and this small pot of Mint is really special to me.....! 

I have been nurturing it like a little baby in my living room all through these dry winters. Now as the spring has sprung, so my pots and me are back in action. This weekend I spend the whole day weeding my old ones and sowing flowers in the new ones. Planting pots is a great small contribution to conserve environment, and for me the best stress buster activity. I love hanging out with my plants in my tiny balcony overlooking some great views.

Grow greens in your backyard to enjoy fresh greens in your platter !!!

Oh, so Mint-i-licious !!!!!!

Lemons and mint in a drink make an ultimate combo. Just few fresh sprigs of mint straight from your tiny pot to a glass of fresh lemon juice and yogurt is thoroughly refreshing and rejuvenating to mind and soul. Lemons are regarded as natures boon by ayurveda for their awesome healing and antiseptic properties in need of fever, indigestion or dental ailments. Lemons are a wonderful source of natural vitamin C and add perfect zing in the curries, desserts or pickles. There are myraid benefits of drinking lemons everyday. I like to kick start my day with a glass of fresh lemon juice and honey and there is nothing like picking up some fresh lemons from the backyard for the best flavor. 

Here is the easiest and the healthiest home made drink with lemons and fresh sprigs of mint straight from the pot with some toasted peppercorns to add spice to this great combo.

Lemons : 2 
Fresh Mint sprigs : 2-3
Honey : 1 tsp or Sugar/Sugar Syrup to taste
Salt : A pinch 
Black peppercorns : few to season
Cumin Powder : 1/4 Tsp

My bag of lemons caught my attention early on in the shoot !

Can you see these lemons peeking out ?

Method: -
Squeeze the fresh juice from lemons into a bowl.
Add honey or sugar to taste & a pinch of salt.

Lightly toast few peppercorns in a skillet and toss them in.
One ingredient that will make that will bring all these flavors together is fresh roasted cumin powder. 
Add a pinch & stir.

Add the lemon juice mix to water.
I like to add it in a glass of warm water in the morning and chilled water at other times of the day. 

My Lemonade is almost done, and doesn't it look Lovely !!!

Add Ice as you like it, alternatively to add some twist you can, crush few mint leaves in mortar & pestle,
and add it to the ice tray for lively green ice cubes.

Lemonade is ready by tossing ice cubes and a sprig of fresh mint straight from the pot, a perfect drink to start a rejuvenating day.... !!!

I loved my refreshing combo, hope you like it too !!!
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Cheers..... !!!!!!

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