Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nutella Inspired Cheesy Nutty Cracker Bites

Since the schools were closed last week because of  snow, had to keep my son busy. Ended up calling few of his friends for a play date. Already exhausted, I decided to do a few quick and easy snacks for the kids with crackers. To my surprise even the picky eaters, like mine finished everything and were asking for more. Heres how I did these quick healthy snacks with the kids.... !!!!!

Ingredients for Cracker Sandwich:
Golden Butter Crackers : 6
Nutella or Hazelnut chocolate Spread: 2tsp
Rondele Peppercorn Cheese: 2tsp

Method: -
Take crackers of different shapes and sizes.
I love Golden Butter Crackers from Pepperidge Farms.
Can use any topping of your kids favorite choice.
Its good fun to let kids take over the next bit.

Made for each other - Cracker & Cheese, perhaps Nutella too !!

Let the kids spread cheese in one half and hazelnut spread in the second half.
Put another cracker on top of this to make cheesy, nutty sandwich.
and we are done, serve with a Glass of Milk or a Milk shake...

My crackers were gone in few minutes and just left with one cracker for the photoshoot.

Mine kiddo uttered...yummy yummy in my tummy !!!!!

If you like kids delights, you might like "Strawberry Dates with White Chocolate Morsels"  for kids....


  1. So cute looking crackers doubt your kids liked them so much..even mine would be very happy to eat few of them.

  2. I am sure your kid will love these butterfly crackers. Thanks for appreciating.

  3. Looks so cheesy and yumm. You know what I have the same butter spreader :D

  4. @ Pam and Radhika - Thanks for cheesy comments !

  5. Unusually fabulous!Great Idea! Great presentation!


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