Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Medley of Sweet and Savory Cocktail Burgers, sans Bread from My Learning Pad!

"Food is not only essential to life but is also a gateway to Creativity and Inspiration." 

Over the years I have realized that there are times when the mind gets hacked with the array of choices; and one learns to glide and Lean In to Restart...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There are moments when the life resonates the classic 3-D Rubik's Cube. 
The grey cells push and pull all the mental faculties back n forth to fix all the six colors - white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow on one side of the cube. The simple ways to solve jigsaw puzzles and fun ways of making miniature architecture's with Lego's are learned in Kindergarten. But I guess, applying knowledge of building blocks to books and further a step ahead to our daily lives is a different story. Yes, as the New Year ushers new hopes and opportunities, This is my resolution to reset and restart myself on various latent skills. Got to learn this amazing lesson with experience and most importantly with aging!

Whilst pondering over the umpteen choices and dilemmas of life, Sharing this quick, simple, healthy recipe from my Kitchen Table - My Learning Pad. This is my most favorite space in the house where I can sit and surf for hours together. This is my place of brainstorming about fusion dishes to reset the health and fitness quotient of my family with easy, simple and super quick recipes to detox body and mind. Today, Unleashing my creative instincts after a long break by bringing scrumptious flavors and colors to the Platter. 

Check out this amazing Medley of Sweet & Savory Burgers, topped with Sesame & Poppy seeds sans Bread made in Paniyaram Pan or Cake Pops  #Ditchthebread #Healthy& HeartyBreakfast #PartyAppetizers #IdliBurger

A medley of Sweet & Savory Burgers, topped with Sesame & Poppy seeds sans Bread

Petite Bananas & Grapes Mixed veg Burgers

Refreshing Avocado & Kiwi Burgers with Quinoa
Petite' Paneer Tikka Burgers with Oats

An Absolute New Favorite Recipe - Spiced Morning Bite or Sweet Dessert
Mini Idlis ready for Assembly !
Add sweet or savory topings of your choice - 

 Falafels, Cheese balls, Paneer balls, Aloo boonda, Lentils kofta, Manchurian,Moong sprouts balls, Spinach onion fritter, Sweet corn fritters. What else...
For sweet dessert, top it with Strawberries, Kiwi, Banana, Avocados or even molten chocolates. Or go for  classic combo of salad leaves, cucumbers, spiced pepper jack cheese & cherry tomatoes.Wow !!! Pretty long wish list.... ! 

Indeed the options are endless... what say ?

Now, time to play with the batter - Trying different batters at different occasions from wide range of  - 
Dosa batter, Rava idli batter, Mixed Lentils batter with addition of Oats, Quinoa, seasonal veggies and seasoning to taste. 

Similarly make Mini Bagels Sandwiches in mini Donut maker using same recipe (batter) and myriad dressings !  

How about making burgers from any of the above combinations as well.... ???  
Zeroing another permutations of burgers on  top of my bucket list to try  recipes while waiting for warm sunny days in my cozy Learning pad !!! 

An Absolute New Favorite Recipe - Spiced Morning Bite or Sweet Dessert, which is your favorite pick ???

We would like to hear from the experts and eager learners. Do share your tips and tricks of making the burgers with different batters and toppings and shall be glad to add it to my repertoire.

Hope these recipes add flavor to your platter for all seasons and reasons !!!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by my space. I appreciate your time and feedback. Signing off with my best wishes to all my Readers. 

Stay Blessed with Happiness and Health !!!

Love & Regards,

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